Aug 15 2007 Gotta Brag


I don’t do this often enough but I just have to brag about my husband, Mark, he is amazing….
When we were dating I was never one to talk hours on end about Mark or write “I love Mark” on everything I own, but the longer we are together the more I find myself becoming that person. I feel that I fall in love with him more and more each day becoming that annoying middle schooler who loves to talk about her “boyfriend”.
I am usually very private in this area but sometimes you can’t help but shout it from the mountain tops you know?!
These are a few reasons I think he is amazing!
– There is no one who more transparently shows me the love of God…he is God’s vessel of love in my life!
– He is the most genuine person is know!
– He goes grocery shopping with me … he knows I can’t handle it alone!
– He works hard!
– He brings logic to my crazy ideas!
– He allows me to follow God’s calling in every way.
– He is a great cook!
– He brings me a fountain Sprite from Krystal’s after band practice : )
– He puts up with my tears!
– He will take the long way just so we will drive through downtown Atlanta…because he knows I love the city!
– He puts up with my love for 80’s music!
– He loves people and always has time for others!
– He is not afraid to radically follow God!
– He always finds a reason to celebrate!

I could go on but I will stop so not to nauseate you ; ) But I just can’t help it!


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