Aug 30, 2007 humility…


So I have gotten into a pretty regular habit of listening to podcasts on Fridays while I clean. The other day I was listening to a message about humility. The pastor referenced a guy he had recently heard talking about humility. He said he had been
guilty of wanting to be humble in order to be “lifted up”. However God had shown him that this is not the point. He then reference the verse that says “God opposes the proud and gives grace to the humble”(Prvb.3:34. He said the point of humility is intimacy!
God can not be close and intimate with those who are proud. He draws near to the humble! You know this is so true. Earlier this year I was listening to another great teacher, Beth Moore, who was also talking about humility (I really have no original thoughts, they are all borrowed). She was saying sometimes God takes us through circumstances for no other reason than to be humbled! When I first thought about that I thought…gosh that is kind of mean of God. But when you consider the reward…intimacy with Jesus…it makes me want to even pray for these circumstances.
These teachings encouraged me because recently I feel as I have been going through some mighty humbling circumstances! From small things such as crying in awkward, humiliating times…to my ministry taking an unexpected turn. I must say this is one of the oddest places I have with the Lord! Yet it has brought me to a place of honesty and humility before the Lord. It feels so good to be open and honest with Him! I tell Him I am confused. I tell Him it hurts! I even tell Him I am mad! I feel frustratingly humbled! (is that a word?) But I will echo what that pastor said, there is intimacy in humility!
I know the footprints story is cheezy but isn’t it true?! In the good times, you feel as if you are dancing down the beach with God, hand in hand. You can hear the ocean and feel the breeze. But in the heard times you don’t feel the sand on your feet or the breeze. But if you listen closely you can hear His heart beat close to your ear…because it is then that He is holding you! Although I feel I have been fighting for awhile, I can feel Him holding me close and whispering in my ear. He is saying, “Dear Child, don’t fight it,I know your heart, relax in My arms and enjoy the intimacy!
May you be encouraged that our God is an intimate God!


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