August 22, 2007 Small Things

I have not had a lot of time to blog this week. I started back to school last Wednesday which was actually a pretty big surprise to me…but that is a blog for another day. Anyway I am starting back on year 5 and I think I might see the light at the end of this never ending tunnel!
I don’t know if you have ever felt this way, but right now I am confused about more things in my life than I am sure or confident of. You have probably never been like that : ) I don’t know…I just really don’t understand what God is doing right now. He is changing a lot of plans…that I thought at one time were His plans… and many things are not turning out like I thought. I love the Lord…really He is my everything…but lately I have been tempted to doubt a lot! Not really doubt Him but doubt my role in everything “Am I really hearing Him right?” “Is this really what I am supposed to be doing?” “Have I totally missed something?”. I don’t know just kind of confused. I am kind of coming around. Last week I was stressed and highly analytical (I don’t think Mark could have taken anymore outburst of emotions!). This week God has given me a peace in the middle of my storm. I am learning to praise Him in the small things. All though I really don’t understand the big things that well. I can praise Him in the little things! Here is my list…posted to glorify God and praise Him in the small things I have found Him in lately.

If you may be feeling a little like I am, I encourage you to make your own list of the “small things”.

I praise God for:
1. …the way my neighborhood smells like laundry detergent at night when everyone is doing their laundry…(we live in a townhouse…we are all close)
2. the mountain top (literally) Mark and I found on Monday night
3. the fact my cat has not had an “accident” in over a month
4. new school supplies
5. playing cards and games with Mark at nights
6. the clouds and the sunlight peaking through them this morning
7. tonight’s sunset
8. the rainstorm the other day! I love rain!
9. My new IKEA shelf
10. my freshly painted living room
11. Diet Dr. Pepper…what can I say…great taste no calories!
12. the Easy Glider treadmill at Kennesaw
13. my iPod
14. driving 5 speed car…it is fun!
15. teaching my sister how to drive one…praise that she didn’t kill us! (jk she’s doing great!)
16. my backyard from around 5 until sunset
17. kisses from Layla
18. detours
19. my camera
20. early Saturday mornings
21. Noah



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