August 28, Grace

Today was a crazy day! I walked outside to my car this morning to a flat tire and a dead battery! No fun! Today is Mark’s day off so luckily so he was able to fix everything! I went off to school and Mark’s day didn’t get much better! I lost my phone and he was going back and forth between the insurance people and it ended up finding out it would still be another week before we would get another phone. Meanwhile, I am carrying his phone around while he doesn’t have one! He then had to mess with more crazy home issues..that you probably don’t want to hear…
Point being…most of this craziness today was my fault. I am bad about self imposed guilt! I had felt bad about “ruining” Mark’s day off all day. However, tonight when I got home, dinner was cooked and on the table, the house was straight and there was a rose on the table! (I know he is amazing!) He could have easily said “Hey this is my day off and I had to spend it fixing your mistakes! You cook dinner!”. I was just amazed that although my carelessness and forgetfulness had kept him busy all day, he offered grace to me.
That is such a glimpse of Christ! It was our sins that caused Him to come to this Earth and die for our sins. He could have stopped at forgiving us of our sins. But Jesus offered us life when He rose from the grave! He gave us what we didn’t deserve…GRACE!
Praise God for a husband who shows me glimpses of Jesus!


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