July 28, 2007 Better

There is a great Shane and Shane song….I can’t remember the title but somewhere in the verses it says, “You are better”. I love it because it is so true… He is better.
We just got back from serving at a family camp at our church. Usually when I serve at camps I get a little something out of it for myself through the messages or bible studies. This week, however, was pure service. Most of us never got to sit in a message and barely had time to spend with God. I will have to admit it was kind of crazy and stressful. To be honest, I don’t think I had the best of attitude the whole time. But as I rested and have allowed my brain and body to slow down and catch a breath, I have realized that it is better. Serving the Lord is better!
I have learned this many times and God shows it to me again and again…but doing His work is better! I have been to many conferences and camps where I have been able to sit under what seems like a waterfall of teaching. And then there are many weeks like this last one where it felt as if I were trying to squeeze a drop of water from a damp rag. Regardless, being in the Presence of God is BETTER!
Nothing can compare, not new clothes, a new car, a new house, new a new hair-do, full bank account, day at the beach, dinner out, all day shopping trips, fancy cruises, movie nights, or whatever momentary “happy” moments arise. Unless He is in those things, there is nothing in this world that can compare to the satisfaction of being with Him!


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