October 5, 2007 Suffering…


We started back to small group a couple of weeks ago. I love our small group! We have some new faces and some old and I am excited about the people and couples God has brought together this year! There are 24 of us total….its not such a “small” group but it is working out so well in spite of the big number.
We are currently studying a series on the book of James. The book opens with the topic of suffering and trials. On Monday night we started the study and as the night went on almost everyone openly shared about a way that they were struggling at this season in their life. The thing that surprised me was that almost everyone was going through a tough struggle and if they weren’t personally they knew someone who was. God has really been breaking my heart for my friends and church.
Last week a family in our church lost their six year old son after battling cancer for only 2 weeks. I am awe struck at the courage and strength it must take to carry on after such a catastrophic event. I think to myself, “how do you move on after that?”. I doubt I would be strong enough to make it.

Today I was listening to a Northpoints podcast. Louie Giglio was speaking on the subject of hope. I beg you if you are going through a tough struggle right now take time to listen to this message! This message is not a feel good message that will make you warm and fuzzy but a message of truth! There are two. The first is called “Anchor of Hope”. The second is called “Megaphone of Hope”. I subscribe to the Buckhead Churches Podcast but you can also assess the messages through this link:


I pray you to will be strengthen in Christ and cling to the cross.


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