September 15, 2007 Refuge

The other night Mark and I watched, “Enemy at the Gates” (well I watched half of it). In the opening scene, you see young Russian soldiers being loaded into a box car. They know they are going into battle, but they are not quit sure of what to expect. The camera pans to the boys faces as the car door opens. Their faces are in shock and terror as they stare out on to what is in front of them. They are pale and white.Before they can begin to lasso their mounting fears, they are grabbed by officers and thrown out of the car. The camera turns to show a dark and explosive battle front. The train had literally dropped them off at the front line of the battle. As they unloaded from the car they were being shot at in every direction.

I can not help but feel like Mark and I have been hurled out of a box car and thrown into battle this month! The battle has not been an obvious one, like a job loss or illness in the family, it has been a battle of the mind and spirit. There are times when I believe that you can allow the enemy in your life by letting your guard down (which we have learned to be even more cautious of!), but then there are the times when the enemy just out right declares war on you! Many times, I have asked God to remove us from this time and place. He has not. Hopes have grown dim, confusion has increased, patience has run its coarse, money has gotten tighter, feelings have been hurt and plans have unfolded. I have looked to my Father (I know which one move He could end this battle) but instead He has handed over battle gear and said,”I am teaching you to fight”. Yes, I know the war has already been won, but the battle is rough! It is easy to write about what God has taught me in the high points this month, but I have to be honest, there have been more lows than highs.
I have learned more than ever what it means to say that God is my REFUGE!Through this battle, I have seen Him in new places and have felt Him closer than ever before. Today He gave me a sweet retreat. My sister and I took off and went driving. I don’t know if you noticed but it was an absolutely beautiful day! Today He took me out of battle and let me retreat in His absolute glory! The beginning of fall is amazing! It was so good to just be outside…to just be in God’s creation! I have attached some pictures.

If you too are in battle retreat in His arms! Take time, this change in season, to just sit and be still. Let His own beauty bring rest to your soul…


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