September 28, 2007 Morphine


I am coming out of a very busy time in my life. I literally feel as if I am going through detox, like the same kind of therapy a person receives after coming of a drug or habit. I used to judge people who did drugs and all but I had an experience last year that changed my perspective. (Your mind really must being going right now : ) I got really really sick this time last year. It was actually a result of my busy life style. I got mono worse than my doctor had ever seen. It came on me really abruptly one day and I had to be take to the hospital. At the hospital they could not figure out what was gong on so they just decided to put me on some good ole morphine. Now look I don’t know if you have ever been in some serious pain but the drug made me forget about everything. It was awesome…I am not going to lie. But let me tell you what was not cool…when they turned it off! I have never literally wanted to hurt someone more in my life. All that pain cam rushing back… and I was REALLY mad! I have never been through a real detox situation but this was slightly like it. My body hurt and even longed to have the drug back in my system to numb the pain. But you can not live on morphine.
I believe busy lifestyles and hectic schedules can do the same to the pain of relational loneliness. God created us to be relational because He is relational and we are made in His image! But instead of getting out there and being vulnerable enough to enter into relationships with people we take in what I like to call “relational morphine” like MySpace, Facebook, Blogs, TV shows, and being way to in the know with celeberty lives. We are too busy to build in time for people so we settle for relationships that are built behind a TV screen or computer screen. These kind of relationships are superficial and far too easy! They numb the loneliness and the pain we feel and rob us from becoming desperate enough to get out there and meet people! Why do I believe “Friends” was such the hit show, because we all deeply long for that! And I believe God deeply desires that for us!
My body had to come of the drug to properly heal. I had to feel the pain so I knew I need to slow down, rest and experience true healing. This has been taking place not just in my phsical body but my spiritually and emotionally as well. I have had to come off the lifestyle I was living…slow down…feel some pain…feel the emptiness and build relationships again. So friends are good. People are good. It is refreshing to just be able to get to know people and learn to love them and be invested in their lives! I am thankful for good friends.
Anyway all that to say we have been blessed with some awesome friends…new and old!Don’t give up on people! God designed us to be with people…yes even more so than the ones we live with! Isolated lives do not glorify God! How can we reach others if we are not brave enough to get to know them? Besides being a blessing to others God fulfills us in ways unimaginable through others. He speaks in many ways…through prayer, His Word…but if I look back I have heard His voice most often through the mouth of a trusted friend!


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