I just want to say, I love our church! It’s not really the place we go but the people. Never has there been a time in my life when I have felt more connected to a group of people. I just have to praise God for the friends He has brought in our lives throughout the last two years of being apart of this church! I am a list person. Here is just my list and praise to God for all the ways He has blessed us through being apart of CATR:

– FRIENDS… I just can’t overstate how much we love and are blessed by our friends @ CATR

– being apart of something

– early Sunday mornings…. (more so for Mark than me : )

– working hard for a purpose

– the way our marriage has grown and been strengthened through teaching, small group and trials

– just once again …. the people….connecting and relating to people….

– my RidgeKidz Jr. class …. I love those kids… I really do…

– the band and their wives/girlfriends or “groupies”…. just watching these guys’ passion for worship and seeing them grow together…

– accountability and encouragement from friends!

– the way God has changed our perspective on family and the church (that’s for you Steve…just kidding I mean that : )

– one loooong road trip to Chicago

– the “experience” of cleaning bathrooms for five hours

-hanging out with some pretty cool high schoolers on Sunday Night ; )

Most of these blessings came through the relationships and friendships we have at CATR. However, to be honest our experience hasn’t all beenย  rosy.There have been a few times when we have wanted to maybe “look at some other churches” again. But you know I think it is because relating and working with people is hard work! We have never had relationships and friendships like the ones we have here before (outside of our family). People are aggravating, weird, annoying and frustrating. I think we forget that sometimes…really we all are weird! We get surprised when we get hurt and want to run away where we won’t get hurt again. Running doesn’t help any. We just find other people who will hurt us or annoy us in other ways.

All that to say…. I believe God created us to have a relationship with Him and have relationships with others. If you are not connected to a church and more specifically a small group, you are missing out! The Body was designed to be together. There is tremendous healing and ministry God gives through others.

I don’t know. I don’t really have elloquint words tonight other than a heart that is bursting with gratitude to the Lord! To all of our friends at CATR know we love you! You are a blessing in our lives!


2 Comments on “CATR”

  1. stevewhip says:

    Good word, Trisha! Good to hear your “perspective” ๐Ÿ™‚ Nice to know when people “get it”!

  2. Jo Lynn says:

    Hey…. I am a band wife/girlfriend/groupie!! You are thankful for me! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    I LOVE YOU TOO!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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