Be still and know…

Tonight we talked about worship with the youth. We did something I have not done in a while that I thought would be good to share.

We sat for just one minute and reflected quietly on God. We did not thank Him what He has done in our lives or others. We just completely put all that away and thought only about Him. This is actually very hard to do! I find when I talk to God the main person we talk about is….me! “Thank you God for providing for us.” “Can you please do this for me“. “What should I do about that?” It is hard to just sit, be still and think only about the Lord.

I find it far easier to see His hand rather than see His face! Many times I wonder if I love God’s hand (all that He has done for me) or His face (who He really is). Oh how I want to fall in love with Him….not what He has done.

So try it. Carve out about five minutes and just praise God for who He is! Don’t mention any words such as “me”, “I”, “my”, or “mine”. Don’t thank Him for anything He has done at this time. Just focus on Him.

Here are some verses to help: 

    1. Psalm 96 4-5
    2. Isaiah 43:3
    3. Isaiah 44:6-7
    4. Colossians 1:15-16
    5. Isaiah 6:3



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