So I don’t know if this is too personal for a blog but….Mark and I want to adopt. I guess I should not even use the word “want” because we are. God called us and has strongly put it on our heart. And I guess to go ahead and prepare those of you who we know and are close to, they won’t be little blonde headed white kids either. God has always put the idea of adoption in my heart but He strongly confirmed it for the both of us about three years ago.

Although we have know for a little while, recently I have been thinking about it a lot! In fact not really “it” but them. I think about my (someday) kids at least once a day. I think about what they will look like, where they will be from, what personalities they will have, what issues and problems they will have, what will their talents and gifts will be. I think about what we will do together or how God will use them as they grow older. I miss them and I don’t even know them.

Recently,  I asked God why I was thinking about my kids so much when (I know this sounds bad) we will not be able to afford them for a while. He showed me and explained to me that these kids will not be born from my whomb but my heart. He has set my heart on them.

You know we are adopted into the family of God. Sometimes I read verses in scripture that speak very harshly towards the reality that we, Gentiles, are not first. We have been grafted in and adopted into the family of God because of Jesus. Paul often says in his writings “to the Jews first then to the Gentiles”. Sometimes I used to wrestle with this. Does God love us the same? Does He love Jews more? They are His people, His children. But then I think we too were not born from His flesh but His heart!

If I as only a mere human, can love and treasure my children, whom I have not even met, then how much infinatley more does God treasure and love me! Did He think about how much He would love us and cherish us and get to know us? I think He did. Then just like those committed to adoption, He counted the cost (which is a lot and infinatley more for Him) and purchased us through Jesus dying on the cross for our sins. We were born of His Heart and purchased through His flesh! We are in the Family and we are loved by our Father!


2 Comments on “Adoption”

  1. Jo Lynn says:

    That is awesome… and I am sure your new little one will love having a little brother or sister around too! I think that is an incredible calling!! You guys are awesome… God is awesome!

  2. […] being pregnant. I hoping we will be able to adopt! I wrote about our call and desire to adopt here: this I wrote this a little over three years ago. At the time I wrote it, I was actually pregnant with […]

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