“I heart Jesus”

Today I went out to eat with my family. I went to the bathroom and on the back of the stall door was written “I heart Jesus”. At first I thought this was much better than reading the many other things that I have seen on the back of bathroom stall doors but then on second thought is made me angry. Did the person who wrote that think about the custodian or restaurant worker that would have to scrub that off or about the cost that business have to put out to replace things like door and stuff because people write on them? Did they also think about the fact that writing on other people’s property is vandalism? They probably did not. I am sure there was an ounce of zeal for the Lord in writing that.

Today in Ridge Kidz we talked about how to show God we love Him. I love this because we show God we love Him the same way we show people we love them….through actions. They completed this worksheet that showed things that show God love and things that don’t. Guess what was under the “don’t” box….writing on the walll!!! Whoever wrote that on the wall must have missed that lesson in Sunday School ; )

In all actuality, that wasn’t that big of a deal. What’s a little writing on the back of a door? But I think it illustrates something I have been convicted off…..stop talking or writing and do something! Aren’t Christians guilty of that? We will go Bible study or get coffee with a friend and talk about God. This is an edifying thing but It’s just talk! We cant stop there.
Jesus taught. He served. He invested time and energy in friendships. He healed people. He listened and cared. He didn’t just talk.
If there is any true resolution I have this year, it is to be more like Him in that aspect. I want to be a doer of the Word not a just a hearer or a talker. I want to love others, help, serve, listen to, feed and care about people. I don’t want to “heart” Jesus by writing it on a bathroom wall…. I want to love Jesus by loving others!


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