Mark and I are beginning some serious “Spring Cleaning”….even though it is not yet spring. We are cleaning out everything! We started in the attic and are working our way down, cleaning out all the closets and drawers and cabinets in between! Right now our house is a huge mess! We started all this Monday. We both don’t like mess so yesterday we found a lot other things that “needed” to be done outside the house…just to avoid it!

I feel like my life is much like my house right now. God is cleaning out and throwing away and redecorating! I don’t think there has been another time in my life where I was going through more life changes than this season right now. The mess is a little overwhelming!

Mark is back at work today. I have a lot of other things to do but I guess I can’t avoid it anymore…I have to deal with the mess!


2 Comments on “Mess!”

  1. shellygarvin says:

    I can relate…I am still looking at my decorated Christmas tree. I get so distracted by the other things that need to be done…of course, I could blame Doug for not bringing the boxes upstairs 🙂

  2. heiditheophilus says:

    ok sista, you have some explaining to do… re: myspace comment!

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