Tomorrow is Mark’s Birthday! I will not tell how old he is…he says he’s getting old… He’s not. Anyway, I think my husband is pretty great. I mean I really like him. Of coarse, I love him but you know there is a difference. I love a lot of people that I do not like spending large quantities of time with ; ) He is my favorite person and can’t think of anyone else in this world I would rather go through life with!

I decided it being his birthday and all I should list all the reasons why I think he is so great. : )

– He is fun to be with! We always have a good time together!

– He makes me laugh…a lot.

– He trust God whole heartedly… really… he doesn’t worry about anything…He really trusts God.

– He provides for us.

– He is a great listener… which is good because I talk a lot : )

– He thinks outside of the box!

– He is tender hearted to God’s call….He never does something just because…

– He loves the church.

– He can cook! … need I say more : )

– He is real and genuine…he is never fake with people.

– He loves people and cares about others.

– He loves to celebrate….any occasion is worth doing something special and out of the ordinary to celebrate…

– He gives me freedom to be me!

I love you Mark! Happy Birthday!



2 Comments on “Mark”

  1. Heidi says:

    your husband really is a pretty good guy 🙂

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