Ok so I nest all the time….I haven’t really noticed much of a change since I got pregnant. I nested this week while Mark was away at a conference.

I wanted to move the office into our loft and move our TV area back down stairs. This required moving two large bookshelves, a TV, and a awkwardly heavy TV cabinet up and down stairs. Being the stubborn and independent person I am, I would normally tackle this project head on. I realize being pregnant and all this probably wasn’t the best idea. I was mentioning this to a friend at small group on Tuesday. I told her I had originally wanted to surprise Mark and get this project done before he got home but couldn’t. Being the amazing friend she is, she offered for she and her husband to come help me the next day. I of coarse needed the help but could not belive they would be willing to voluntarily move furniture… I am sure they had better things to do.

I worked hard the next day to move all the “little” stuff and take care of as much possible. I wanted them only to have to come in help me move what I needed then go on with their night…they were already helping enough. So they came and graciously moved three heavy and large pieces of furniture. After they were finished. I thanked them repeatedly. Then my friend said, “You’re not done! We will stay and help you until you finish!” I was so shocked. So they stayed and helped organize our office, hook up our TV and even took out my trash!

I am telling you what…that was such a blessing! That is a true friends huh? Staying until the job is done! They showed us true love and friendship! I am deeply grateful and blessed to have found such amazing friends!

To our dear friends, you know who you are, we love you!


One Comment on “Friends”

  1. rmahan says:

    Your Mark is a great friend to me. I hope everything is going well with you.

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