but we said “yes Lord”….

I think sometimes I am fooled to think if we say “yes” to God’s plan that all will go well. Makes sense right? I am afraid that is not the case though… at least for us anyway.

It seems there is a war raging in every little area of my life right now. Maybe not a war, but I am hurting in many different ways, on many different levels. My refuge now has become the small and few little kicks I feel from the baby every once in awhile. It is God’s little reminder of hope.

Anyway… pain is not easy and although some preachers may try to convince you…. knowing Christ isn’t a ticket to a painless life. In fact, I think there is more in some ways. But there is a difference… He is with me.

Today I got mad at God (just to be honest). I said “Where are you?”. Do you ever ask that? I just feel like He stepped away for a little while and it made me mad. I came upstairs to check my email and stumbled across Kim’s blog. She referenced a great Hillsong song on her site. I found myself in the middle of my self pity and anger listening to the words and agreeing. I then listened to a couple more songs. I think Hillsong is great because more than anything else they lead you straight into the presence of God…which I think effective worship leaders should do.

You know that verse that says God is in the praises of his people (I tried to look it up but could not find it). I used to think that meant if you praised God, He would meet with you. I instead have found that when we praise God we just come to realize He is here. It is like we take a few minutes to stop wallowing in whatever and look up from our misery and see that He has been here all along. I was reminded of that today. He is with me…even though I really don’t understand Him. He is here…and I am really glad….because I need Him.

This is my favorite Hillsong song. It has kind of been my anthem to God over the last year…. that there really is nothing like His love…really.

“Why are you downcast, O my soul? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God.” Ps. 42:11


2 Comments on “but we said “yes Lord”….”

  1. jolynntroy says:

    Thanks for sharing that Trish! I had never heard that song before… Awesome!!

    P.S. This is my new wordpress blog. 🙂

  2. jolynntroy says:

    I realized it didn’t work…
    It’s Jtroy.wordpress.com.
    Sorry bout that.

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