“Nice girls don’t change the world”…

We live such luxurious cushy lives as Americans. As I write this, it is early, I am sitting in my warm comfortable bed with my nice little laptop. I am wanting breakfast but I know I have a myriad of options awaiting me downstairs in my kitchen. If for some reason we were out of something I could simply climb into my nice car, with heating and air condition, and head to my local Kroger not but a mile down the street.

Point being… we are spoiled! My husband spoke to our youth Sunday night about “doing something now”. He was talking to teenagers about being an agent for change. When I was their age, I was actually doing some things and somewhere in between, I have gotten to worried about money and day to day responsibilities I forgot the difference one life can make.

I have been feeling convicted to do something for a while. I read something this morning that pushed my conviction even more. Some of you may be familiar with Bill Hybels, the lead pastor of Willow Creek church. His wife Lynn has written a book and started a movement that will inspire you to take action and make a difference (whatever the size).

If you only have a minute please read this.

If you have a couple I beg you read her article here.

I plan out grabbing her book, “Nice girls don’t change the World” as well!


2 Comments on ““Nice girls don’t change the world”…”

  1. Pete Wilson says:

    Great post. I’m going to forward it to my wife. I just posted on “women finding their voice.”. You can read more at http://www.withtoutwax.tv


  2. Debbie Melendez says:

    Wow, another set of writings that really “hits home”… I think of all the time I have spent “whining” about how difficult my life has been, and feeling sorry for myself that my life has not turned out like I planned, but even on my worst day, I have not even come close to the lives of the women in these articles! Thanks for sharing!

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