Church Planters Conference

Ok I have made a new rule for myself: No blogging after 10pm! If you read my latest blog, which I have now removed, I am sorry : ) It did not make sense and did not communicate what I was trying to say. Anyway, I thought I would jot down some thoughts from the recent Church Planters Conference Mark and I attended.

1. Shawn Lovejoy convicted Mark and I both to get back on a schedule!!! He talked about discipline and how it is the mark of a healthy leader! I realized as Mark’s wife, I can make or break this one for him : ) Shawn’s talk gave me some ideas on how to help Mark in this area!

2. I heard Steven Furtick for the first time this week. I see what all the hype is about! His message was incredible. I can truly sense the hand of God on his life! He challenged me to step it up in my prayers! God showed me that all of these things I am worried about with church planting are not too big for Him!

3. My favorite break out by far was “Un Christian” with Gabe Lyons! He is apart of a research group that has taken a look at our culture and how it views Christians. Their research is staggering but true. He puts a whole new spin on what the church thinks of as “outreach”. I was challenged and stretched in my thinking! I would highly recommend their book!

4. I went to this conference mainly for Mark. I wanted to encourage him and try to figure out how I can help him to be the leader he needs to be. I was not expecting God to speak to me….well He did… and to be honest I wish He hadn’t. He answered a question I had been seeking the answer on for a while. It is a hard step to take and I fought God pretty hard on this one! I hope to be able to blog about it soon.

5. Does God ever call you to do something and you just get mad about it? It is probably just me. I am a brat! Well later on that day I was quite frankly mad and overwhelmed by the step that God has called me to take. But God has a way of shutting me up. The last session of the conference with Bil Cornelius was in my face. This guy is most definatley a prophet (much like Mark) and spoke truth with little mercy. I needed that though. He talked about being a resilient leader. His message in short was to suck it up, serve God with diligence and serve God and not men!

Tomorrow is an exciting day! We will find out what the baby is, providing he or she cooperates : )! I will post after our family knows!


One Comment on “Church Planters Conference”

  1. brumbemom says:

    I have very much enjoyed reading your blogs. They are always very “transparent” and it is nice to read something that obviously comes straight from the heart.

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