I have become a fan of thrift stores over the last couple of years! I had a college professor who only wore thrift store clothes….she always looked homely and you could tell she didn’t spend much on her clothes. However, if you take time to look you can find some nice things for next to nothing!

My favorite pair of pre-pregnany American Eagle jeans came from a thrift store. I got them for $3.oo. I have found numerous Tommy Hilfiger and Ralf Lauren gently used pants and golf shirts for Mark. I never pay over$5 for those. I also bought the Waverly wallpaper that is in my hallway at Value Village for $1 a roll. Today I went to the Goodwill and found an arm load of books for Trey. I found everything from Dr.Sues to Bearstein Bears to some Christian books. Paper back books are .75 and hardback are $1.25. You can’t beat these prices and all of the books look like new!

My aunts are Thrifting Queens. They taught me everything I know : ) Here are some thrift store shopping tips:

1. Go ready to hunt! The good deals will not jump out at you!

2. The Goodwill has half off days usually the first Wednesday of the month! Now that’s a deal!

3. Go to thrift stores in ritzy areas of town to find more gently used, name brand stuff.

4. If the idea of second hand stuff grosses you out remember you can wash it, disinfect it or clean it at home : ) .

5. Yea there are some nasty and unattractive things but you don’t have to buy those : ).

Great Thrift stores in the Atlanta Area: The Goodwill, Value Village, Cilllies, and Hand me Ups.

Cillies has more trendy younger clothes. The also have some whole sale department store items. Hand me Ups has things for the whole family and even some baby toys and accessories. I passed by there on my way to work the other day and saw a stroller/car seat set for under $100 bucks. Goodwill and Value Village are your traditional thrift stores. I find my best bargains there!

Just thought I would share my findings and tips! Happy Thrifting!

Also for an awesome upcoming Children’s Consignment Sale click here.



4 Comments on “Thrifting”

  1. monica says:

    Oh girl, you speak my language. I just spend $30 at the consignment sale. I came back with a stroller for Layla’s baby dolls ($3), 3 books on being a big sister ($1 a piece), stuff for my room at school and a ton of clothes for Tanner. There were a bunch of $1 onesies, can you have too many of those? Then of course I bought a handful of girl and boy newborn stuff for our baby Tanner (I gotta stop saying that, with Tanner now it’s getting confusing). I am currently horrible at buying girl AND boy stuff, since we just don’t know. Be thankful you KNOW! Teresa went back with me and got a few things too. My Mom is having a hissy fit to go back and I’m making her wait until tomorrow. Such good finds. Often (last weekend I think) neighborhoods like Echo Mill have their mega yard sales and those are fun too!! I agree, look for the good neighborhoods. 😉

  2. scrabblenut says:

    My favorite place to go “thrifting” is near the airport… There’s a Value Village right next door to an America’s Thrift Stores (my personal favorite). With both stores in one spot I can get everything I need without driving all over town. I love to buy jeans for the boys there. They wear holes in the knees of nearly every pair of pants before they’ve grown out of them, so I never want to spend more than $2 or $3 per pair.

  3. Jo Lynn says:

    I have never heard of value village…Which one do you go to? I just looked on the website and it said there weren’t any in GA. So, I’m curious! LoL. But I am right there with you!! Why pay out the wazoo when you can get the same thing for $3.00! 🙂

  4. There is a Value Village on 41 or Cobb pkwy by the big Chicken. That’s weird that it is not on the website?!

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