Chick fil a pt.1

I attended college for 41/2 years. I really did love every minute of it! I am a nerd! I would go in the library for hours during breaks. I would grab some coffee or a fountain coke and hang out in my own little cubical. I couldn’t be happier : ) I loved meeting new people and made several friends I know I will consider friends for the rest of my life!

Besides the library, I loved to study at Chick fil a. If you know me at all you know I have a love affair with this place….it is kind of sad…. : ) I would sit with my books and a large sweet tea on days I needed to get off campus during breaks. I guess I went during a good “mom time”. It never failed that many moms would shuffle through the doors with car seats and toddlers hanging on to every limb. They would spill into a booth and arrange all the kids meals and high chairs. Now that I think about it I don’t remember seeing them eat…hmm Trey better let his mommy eat her beloved Chick fil a : )

I would often watch and eavesdrop into their deep preschool conversations …. “Yes honey, the cow says ‘Moo'” “No baby you have to eat more than just ketchup” “You can play after you eat one more chicken nugget”. I loved it. I think the library probably would have been a better study location : )

I would envy these moms though. (I bet they were envying me sitting alone with my sweet tea and books.) I remember thinking to myself I wished I could get a degree in MOM instead of ECE (Early Childhood Ed.). I have wanted to be a mom as long as I can remember. I always saw school as what I would do to pass the time. I thought I would have to teach at least two years before starting a family (I think it is an unwritten rule somewhere). But in these moments I wanted to fast forward to when I would be eligable to start thinking about becoming a mom.

Now granted, although I always wanted to be a mom, I also wanted to “make something of myself and have a career”. To be honest, I looked down on girls who went to school just to get their MRS. or dropped out to start a family…and then low and behold I did both of them. Serves me right for judging. A career was very important to me though and I knew the whole “stay home mom thing” was not the most glamorous career.

At this point in my life, sitting at that Chick fil a, I had a promising degree around the corner, was recently married, and was in a prime ministry leadership position. I thought I was pretty darn important and was on the right path to really… you know making something of myself! Over the next few years God was going to do what He does best…mess up my plans and rock my world!

I thought I would share my journey … to motherhood…a different kind of career and true ministry. Stay posted….


One Comment on “Chick fil a pt.1”

  1. Julie Elliott says:

    I just found the web site (I’m a little slow!). So excited you are having a boy! I’m making a baby blanket for you. Actually I had it started a month or so ago. By the way, I went to church with Truett Cathy when I was a little girl. We love em too!

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