One Thing pt. 2

I think Chick fil a is brilliant! They make it no secret that they are about one thing: Chicken. Their marketing campaign is simple: Eat More Chicken. They have the cows. Everybody knows the cows. They are a chicken fast food industry and are doing quite well at it!

In 2006, my life was not about one thing. I was enrolled full time at KSU taking 5 or 6 classes, involving tutoring and observation hours. I ran a dance ministry with more than 100 students enrolled. I had recently decided to incorporate my “ministry/business” and was going to try to sell it to other churches. I was writing curriculum and developing a marketing packet with all that. Mark and I were serving in several ministries at brand new church plant. We were also in the middle of the dreaded and glorious first year of marriage. Doing “one thing” was a day dream. I was “spinning” more “plates” than I could even think about handling! Every second of my day was plotted and planned out. I had a “to-do” list two pages long.

One September morning God put all of this to a stop… a halting stop. I woke feeling really bad. I decided to stay home from class and work that day. As the day went on, it got worse. My fever rose and to this day I can think of I time I felt remotely close to that horrible. Long story short, I ended up making a trip to the ER and later found out I had mono. My doctor said I had one of the worse cases she had ever seen. I am not sure how all the blood count readings work I just know my doctor said if my “whatever” levels were higher than 100 that was bad. I scored 1,800… so apparently that’s really bad. The doctor said I really needed to consider making some hard decisions to slow down if I wanted to recover. Because guess what you need to get over mono….rest.

So being only 3 semesters from graduating, I decided I needed to take a semester off. That pushed my graduation date back.

God used this time immensely! When you spend so much time going and going, rest is kind of a shock to the system. As clique’ as this might sound, I had to find myself again. I really was not good at resting and not having 100 things going on. But here is what I found: I had a lot more time for relationships. I had time to go to lunch with friends. I had time to really invest into the lives of the girls I taught in dance. I had time for our families. More importantly, as we rounded our one year anniversary, I had time for Mark and I’s marriage. I began to see there was more value in loving people than checking things off the glorious “to-do” list.

I think when you get really busy, you get really selfish. You don’t have the time to see anything outside of your busy lifestyle or yourself. For me this was far too true. Although it was a hard dose of medicine at the time, God showed me a slower lifestyle was more in line with His plans. It gave me time to love others. Perhaps most importantly, slowing down gave me time to focus on my marriage and home…and to be quite honest…it was a mess. We were starting our marriage in a whirlwind. I felt like we were just two single people living together in the same house…


One Comment on “One Thing pt. 2”

  1. heiditheophilus says:

    God has used a really terrible school year & some wrangled emotions this year to get me to this point… or more accurately He is getting me to this point. You’re not alone, my Sister! 🙂

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