Water Rainbows

During the week, I keep a sweet little girl, Allie Grace. I have enjoyed it. Many say it is good preparation for Trey but I don’t know because, seriously, she is perfect! She listens, obeys, and is already on a perfect schedule.

She is three so she is in that “Why” phase. If you have been around a three-year old much you know what I am talking about. The question “Why?” is asked after every definitive statement made. So the other day we were at the park in Hiram on 92 (which by the way is a great park!). There is a really pretty pond with a fountain, in the back. We were walking back there and looking at ducks. It was one of those days a couple weeks ago, when the sky was crystal blue and the sun was perfectly shining. While we were walking I noticed the sun was reflecting on the water creating a water rainbow. I pointed it out to Allie Grace. “Look,” I said “its a water rainbow.” Being the girly girl she is I thought she would get really excited but instead she just asked “Why does it do that? What do mean,” I asked. “Why is there a rainbow in the water?” All my ‘Science for Educators’ classes came whirling through my head. I was about to go into a long explanation of how light reflects the colors of the rainbow and such, when I looked back down at Allie. I stared into her sweet naive face and realized….she is only three. Not wanting to send her brain spinning I simply said, “It just does….isn’t it pretty?

I got to thinking…I am so much like her with God. I ask “Why”after everything He says, does, or calls me to do. Unlike Allie, I get really frustrated when He does not respond with the whole answer. Did I ever stop to think that maybe He almost explains His whole plan that incorporates all time and the universe and such? He then, however, looks at me and realizes I am only human and cannot contain it. Instead He simply says, “Just because my Child….isn’t it beautiful?

And these are but the outer fringe of his works; how faint the whisper we hear of him! Who then can understand the thunder of his power?-Job 26:14



One Comment on “Water Rainbows”

  1. monica says:

    That my dear, is very touching. Gave me a true “a-ha!” moment! Thanks for your insight, I so enjoy your blogs.

    Meanwhile your sister in law & I were out kissing llamas, yep- You read that right! 🙂


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