Baby Registry Survey:

So Mark and I are registering for the baby! It is exciting and reminds me that he is coming soon : )

I am pretty close to clueless with all the baby stuff out there! So I thought I would ask whoever reads my blog, (moms, aunts/uncles or babysitters)! If you have any favorites in brand or just a cool gadget that “no mom can live with out” please please let me know!

Comment below! Thanks!!!


4 Comments on “Baby Registry Survey:”

  1. betsyandadam says:

    The oscillating chair, they are wonderful! And of course the ‘thingys’ that go in the child seat of grocery carts 🙂 enjoy!

  2. Kim says:

    Well, I will say that after having number eight my list of baby essentials has definitely changed since number one, but I will give it a shot.
    Essentials: which are things you will use more than six months. 🙂
    bed, pacifier, stroller, high chair. I like my new fisher price space saver. With eight of course saving space is an essential.:)

    Things you will use for a short while, but are nice to have.
    swing, bouncy seat, exersaucer

  3. kermooch says:

    I love my boppy. It is great for feeding the baby, for cuddling baby ‘hands free’ while I’m on the couch with the fam, for propping baby up after feeding and it’s portable.

    Sadie likes the seat made by boppy that Kim has loaned me. And since she likes it – I like it!

    And I also love the stroller/carseat combo. I didn’t have one until Dayleigh and I wish I had had it with all of the kids. It’s worth the price – especially when you receive it as a gift 🙂

  4. Heidi says:

    a kennel. apparently once they start crawling, they are a pain to keep up with…all over the house & stuff. if you have a kennel, it keeps ’em contained. 😉

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