Yesterday was our last full “normal day” at Church at the Ridge. We will be “attending” until we move but yesterday was our last normal serving day. Our Sunday schedule has been waking up around 6am (usually just Mark though), Mark playing in the band, me teaching in RidgeKidz Jr., staying after to break down until around 1pm, usually eating with friends, going home for an hour or two and then heading off to youth. We have done this for the last two years. It’s weird but we love it, I mean we really do. I haven’t sat with Mark in a worship service since we started CATR. We are going to start visiting other church plants for different perspectives and such. It will be weird going in the same car and sitting with him and getting up and leaving when church is over. I know it will only be for a short season though : )

After church Sunday we had our second core group meeting for Canvas. I was completely shocked to see almost 20 adults there…with the kids I guess we were at around 26 or 27 including ours : ) Isn’t that crazy though?! We went around the room telling how we “got there” or how God had led us there. That was so cool. I was amazed at how God is drawing people to be apart of what He wants to do in Savannah. It was also neat to see how everyone had different passions and different stories. I don’t know what God is planning on doing but we have a great core group to fill a lot of needs. Doug was talking about the time line of when we would have preview services and all. He said something like once we have 50 people we will really need to look at “doing something” as in meeting in a location or something. I thought…wow… that would only mean doubling the number of people we had there Sunday…. and we haven’t even gotten down to Savannah yet!

So, even though it is bittersweet, I am excited about what God has allowed us to be apart of at CATR and what God is doing through Canvas already!


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