For the month of April, Mark and I have been fasting. As a church, Canvas, we are fasting something important to us. You are supposed to pray about whatever you are fasting about whenever you miss whatever it is you are fasting from…well lets just say we never realized how much we love what we are fasting from! We have prayed a lot! : )

So I don’t write any of this to boast. I was reading this morning Matthew 6:17. Jesus is talking and simply during His instructions He says, “when you fast….”. I have fasted maybe one other time in my life. The way Jesus is talking in this passage fasting should be something that is done on somewhat of a regular basis…not on the rare occasion as it has been for me. But be encouraged! I have learned over the last 18 days that fasting is about so much more than giving food or TV or whatever. It is about reconnecting your heart with the Lord! Here are some things God has taught me through this season:

1. God loves obedience and blesses it!

2. He always makes a way for us to be obedient to our decision to fast, even when we almost give in.

3. Through fasting, I am continually reminded to pray through out the day.

4. Being the selfish “prayer” that I am, over the last month God has moved my heart to pray for others just as much as myself.

5. Fasting is really not so much of asking God to give you something and getting it as much as it is just talking to God and reconnecting with Him!


One Comment on “Fasting”

  1. JoLynn says:

    It’s very hard! But I definitely agree with you, it has reminded me to talk to God a lot throughout the day… which is something that I haven’t done in a long time. It’s been nice, but really difficult…

    Chick-Fil-A sweet tea would be AWESOME. 🙂 🙂

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