So I have been really sentimental lately. God has given me such peace over the last month. I feel like life has been floating around me and I have really been able to enjoy it (no I am not on anything : ). I have been thinking about my house a lot. I love our house! I love our neighborhood. Our schedules have slowed down a lot over the last month and it has been good to just be at home! We live in a fairly small town house and I don’t know why anyone else would want to know this but I just felt like blogging about what I love about my house!

I love…

-our backyard! It is beautiful this time of year!

– that Mark can look up from the lid of the grill and talk to neighbors from our patio.

– that although my kitchen is extremely small it is laid out perfectly for its size.

– our bedroom and the way the sun rises in our window in the morning.

– that although we are extremely ambitious…we have never been able to park our car in our garage.

– how I can watch the sunset from my front porch.

– my garden tub…where I help cause the drought in Georgia…especially now being pregnant!

– that my laundry room is right next to our room! I will surly look for that in our next house!

– my all time favorite… I love how at night our whole neighborhood smells like dryer sheets because everyone is doing their laundry.

It is amazing how God has gifted us with this house that has been the perfect size, layout and location for this season in our life! Reflecting on all that I love about our current home reminds me to trust that God has the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood down in Savannah for us!

Sometimes reflecting is so good! It reminds us what God has done and gives us hope in what He is going to do!


2 Comments on “Reflections…”

  1. JoLynn says:

    That’s so funny that you Love the fact that your laundry room is by your room. Rick REFUSES to buy any house or apartment with the laundry room even CLOSE to our room! LoL

  2. Oh I love it! Trust me you don’t want to lug laundry all around the house!

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