Weird Day…

So Mark and I rode together to church yesterday for the first time in about 2 years and it was light outside (hence it wasn’t 6:30 in the morning). We parked in the “Expectant mothers parking”, which I didn’t even know we had. Then we walked through the front doors of CATR and were greeted my people we had never meet or seen before. It was weird. I still served with Ridgekidz but it felt different. I am starting to realize this Canvas thing is actually going to happen. We are in the beginning of a weird season of rest and preparation. I was fighting it but I am starting to see God’s hand in the change in our lifestyle. This, however, is only a short season, so I need to enjoy it!

We love CATR and it is really hard to let go there. We have served many long and hard hours. They showed this video last week of clips from the last two years. They flashed highlights of a few different things CATR has put on (FamJam, Family camp ect.) I realized we had been apart of each one in one way or another. I must say we loved it! We were able to use our talents and gifts to serve others. There is nothing more gratifying our fulfilling!

I know there has been some concern with the number of families leaving CATR and going with Canvas. Most of us are heavily involved. I was thinking yesterday, however, there are plenty of people to fill our shoes. It is probably a huge blessing for us to leave and make service spots available. So if you are one of those people, particularly from our church, I challenge you to get involved! Serve! Use your gifts and talents! There is also nothing better to do as a husband and wife team than to serve in some capacity through your church. There is no greater blessing or joy!

We love Church at the Ridge and will miss it severely!


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