Weekend in Valdosta

This weekend Mark, me and several other “Canvasians” (as Mikey calls us) headed down to Valdosta. We went to meet with CrossPointe Church. It was a great weekend! This church was amazing. I have never felt more love and encouragement from people I had never met before! I felt like I was going to a family reunion… you know you don’t really know anybody but they love you just because “your family”.

We got to grill out with several of the staff and core members of the church on Saturday. We must look like crazy people because the number one question asked was, “Well when are you moving down to Savannah?”. All of us with the exception of Mikey said, “Whenever we sell out house.” There’s a plan! : ) (Seriously…side note… pray all of us sell our house!!!!! It will take a miracle!)

The church housed us in different homes. We all said we felt like we were at a “Big Kid D-now”. Our host family was amazing and so loving. On a down note… I forgot our precious fan. I can’t sleep with out a fan. Either Mark snores more without a fan or I never realized how much he snored until it is gone …. probably the latter! Needless to say between Mark and Trey (whose new favorite play time is around 3-5 in the morning) I did not sleep!

Sunday was amazing! I thought we would just have a little ten minute recognition during the services to tell about our church. David let the guys talk for at least 20 mins. about the vision and direction of the church and then called the whole church (no really everyone…all 500 and something of them) down front in both services to pray for us! It was so encouraging!

I honestly feel like we have family down in Valdosta! I can not describe the love, acceptance and encouragement these people gave us! They were most definitely the loving arms of God to us this weekend! I hope Canvas can give back and love on others the way we were loved and encouraged this weekend!

Thanks Crosspoint!


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