Real Estate Tips:for what it is worth…

I must confess I have a “thing” for real estate stuff. I really actually like moving. It is kind of a rush for me…and I like a change in scenery. Our “house-to-be” down in Savannah will be the 10th house I have lived in. For a large portion of my life I have lived in a house that is “on the market”. My aunts and uncle were relators and my mom should be one : ) I am by no means an expert of any kind but I have picked up a couple of tips along the way. The market right now is crazy (but not as bad as everyone makes it out to be). So, for what it is worth, here are some tips….

CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN.… your house can never be too clean. The smell of Clorox is a good thing.

De-personalize as much as possible. They say you want potential buyers to come in a “visualize” themselves living in your home. If you have thousands of pictures around the house it makes this harder.

Have a short notice showing plan. I have a couple of big empty baskets in our living room and a empty bookshelf in a closet down stairs where I can stuff things that are out if I don’t have time to “clean clean” before a showing.

DECLUTTER!!! This one would seem like a no brainer but I am always surprised when I look at houses or look at pictures online at all the junk people have out. A general rule of thumb is to think of a model home. Less is more. Go ahead and pack up as much as possible. Empty out your closets, cabinets and bookshelves and pack them up. You are planning on moving right?

Neutralize colors as much as possible. The only exceptions I have found lately are the “trendy” paint colors such as tan and earth tones that people like. Stripped, flowered wallpaper or kids’ borders are always a turn off.

Take good pictures! I just went and redid my pictures because I noticed a lot more flaws when I looked at my house online. The thing is that not only relators are looking at your house online. This people’s first look at your house!

Make your house smell good!!! Everyone has “their smell”. Ask a honest friend to come over and tell you if your “smell” is “spring rain” or more like “wet dog”. : ) When we show our house I always burn my Yankee Candle Cookie Dough.

Pull the heart strings and stage your house! Bake cookies, set the table, or put fluffy folded towel out in your bathrooms. Once again, think of a model home. They always have that kind of stuff! They want you to “feel” at home and see yourself there.

Make repairs and put a little money into your house. Okay, this one is difficult for me. I am the ultimate “chepo”. Mark and I kind of decided on an amount we were willing to put in the sell of this house and stuck with it. I think it is different for everyone. The must are the major repairs that people can’t look past. The negotiables are things that are purely cosmetic that would just assist in the value of your house. I think it depends on the price range and house. One of my favorite shows is “Design to Sell” on HGTV. The spend $2,000 and redo a set number of rooms. The people always sell their house at the Open House or soon after. I don’t know if that is real or if all the episodes were filmed like five years ago when the market was great?! But the idea is good.

Well there they are… they are merely tips. I am learning ultimately God is in control of the sell of a house. We have been in the “Top Three” choices of the last few people who saw our house. We obviously haven’t made the cut : ) But I am trusting God will sell this house in His timing.


One Comment on “Real Estate Tips:for what it is worth…”

  1. monica says:

    My parents are the same way, other people have hobbies like running, golf or baking. My parents: they build houses and move. They are currently building their 6th house, there is a catch with them though! All of their 6 houses are in a 7 mile radius!! The last 4 are within 1 mile!! Insane-

    Your tips are great, thankfully their last house sold in about 2 months and they got all the same tips from their real estate agent.

    When we moved where we are now, we prayed forever about if it was the right move or not. We actually had considered moving about a year prior and after the agent came out and we talked, we felt like it just wasn’t the right time. A year later she came and we signed on. I had prayed for it to please happen fast if it were the right move. I HATE the whole clean to show the house, grab the dog and get out quick thing, ugh! I prayed if it were the right move it would happen fast or we’d reconsider. Our house went on the market, was shown about 12 times the first week and we had a contract within 7 days! OUR agent never showed our house, she was out of town that week! Craziness!

    I guess it’s just like us waiting for the adoption process. We know it’s the right decision, now we have to wait on God’s timing.

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