31 weeks pregnant: Rock a bye baby…

Last night I got to rock my baby to sleep for the first time!

Trey is very active! I don’t feel big movements (because I think he is getting to big to move around too much), but I feel rolls and kicks and stretches a lot. Last night I was very tired. He was doing his nightly routine… I lay down to go to bed, he wakes up and gets moving. Well, I was too tired. I have heard that babies fall asleep during the day when you are moving around because your movement rocks them to sleep. So, I figured why wouldn’t actually rocking him in a rocking chair put him to sleep. So I rocked in our rocking chair for a while. It was a special time. It made me want to see him so badly I could not stand it! But low and behold after about 15 minutes he was still and asleep, which meant I had a better chance of getting sleep too : )

We have 9 weeks to go (if he is on time)! I can’t wait! Soon I will be able to hold him in my arms and rock him to sleep!


2 Comments on “31 weeks pregnant: Rock a bye baby…”

  1. Ruthie says:

    Wow , 9 weeks! I am so excited too!

  2. lydia says:

    that is about the sweetest thing that i have ever heard, I also bet alot of people never thought about trying that.

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