Spotlight Dance

Almost five years ago, God put in my heart a vision for a dance program at my church. It started with a pathetic excuse for a “dance camp” and ended this year. I loved every second of it! I have a link on my site for Dan Miller, 48 days to the work you love. Well Dan, this was the work I loved! Especially in the beginning, I would work hours on end and enjoy it! I loved my girls, the teachers who taught with me and even all the nitty gritty administrative details that went along with running a dance program.

I have never completely added it up but I think in the end we ended up reaching and teaching over 300 girls. Recital season has always been my favorite! I loved finding costume, putting on a major production and watching the girls hard work pay off!Saturday made our fifth and final recital.

Earlier this year I realized God was calling me to let Spotlight go. For several reasons, it became clear to me that this was what I was supposed to do…even though I fought hard against it.

A year ago I think it would have seriously sent me over the age to give up this program but God is good in His timing! Friday night was our Dress Rehearsal night and I can not tell you the overwhelming sense of peace I had. It is just amazing how when God calls you to do something, He sends peace and comfort to assure you along His path. I really think I was shocked at how well everything went.

I have been so blessed to be apart of what God has done through our program over the last five years! I have learned so much!!! I started Spotlight to be an outreach program (reaching people who might not normally come to church). I have realized, however, that it was much more of a mentor program. I have watched over the years as girls grow not only in their ability to dance but in growth in who they are in Christ! One of the greatest privileges was to watch my teachers grow in confidence, maturity and discipline! (I am so proud each teacher who has come through Spotlight!) We did not see a large number of girls “come to know the Lord”. But as I watched and reflected over the last couple months, I realized God allowed me be apart of molding these girls into confident and beautiful young women!

I have decided not to be sad over what is lost but celebrate what God has done and let me be apart of for the last five years!


One Comment on “Spotlight Dance”

  1. kermooch says:

    We’re so glad that you ‘loved this work’ and made it possible for our girls to participate. It was wonderful to have a Christ-centered atmosphere for them to learn not only to dance, but about being confident and godly young women. We also have many special memories of being in Spotilight ~ so thank you!

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