33 Weeks Pregnant: Random Thoughts

I have been really tired but now have this sudden burst of energy. It is 11:30 at night and I feel as I could run a marathon right now…well maybe not that but something similar : )

Here are random thoughts I thought I would share:

– I am getting more and more excited about the baby! I cannot wait to see him! I also cannot believe how close we are getting to his due date!

– I really want to make something… definitely feeling the whole nesting thing.

– We have been visiting churches lately. It has been different but nice. We have seen a lot of good stuff and gotten some good ideas! It is good to get a new perspective before planting Canvas!

– I am reading “Walking with God” by John Eldridge. Great book! It is pretty new. I would highly recommend it. He talks practically about what is mean to walk with God and talk with God on a day to day basis.

– I thought at this point I would be a nervous wreck with the house not being sold and so much uncertainty in our lives right now but oddly I am not. I am really enjoying this season. Yes, I want our house to sell. Yes, I want to be in Savannah. But really, I am learning to relax and enjoy this season of rest and preparation!

– I love Dave Ramsey! Yes I said it! Mark and I had a budget meeting yesterday. We had several unexpected medical bills come up and were able to pay them without touching the “Emergency fund”. We have been actively on Dave’s plan since last March and have paid off over 20,000 in debt and will hopefully be debt free when by the end of the summer. We have also done it on mostly one income! That is no credit to us! God is good and we follow Dave’s plan meticulously because we are natural spenders! I will tell you the last little bit has been the hardest to pay off but, the “snowball” does work. Once you tackle the “big one” it is all downhill (in a good way) from there! I am scared to even think about what financial mess we would be bringing our baby in to if it had not been for all that we have learned through Dave’s teachings! Thanks Dave!

– I found stretch marks the other day and cried. I know it is vain but man I did not want those!

– We bought one of those fetal heart monitors from Baby’s R Us. Kind of a waste of money. You can’t hear much of anything as far as the baby goes but you could probably hear a pin drop in the next room.

– Did I mention I want to make something?… paint, sew, cook, build…. Mark should be really scared who knows what I will do while he is at work tomorrow!

: )


2 Comments on “33 Weeks Pregnant: Random Thoughts”

  1. worshipislife121 says:

    I can hear the hyper activity in this post you wrote while I was sleeping. Now I sit here at work scared to death of what you are doing at home.

  2. Heidi says:

    I would be scared if I were Mark! Usually my hyperactivity results in a to-do list for Chris 😉

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