Excited about Canvas!

I am really getting excited about Canvas! We had a great weekend! Friday night we ate dinner with a friend of mine from college and her boyfriend. He was a SCAD grad and gave us a lot of insight into SCAD and the ministries (or lack there of) going on down there!

Saturday we had our third CORE group meeting! It was great! I love to hear people’s hearts and hear others share about where they are in their “journey” down to Savannah! No one has sold their house so please please pray that we will rather quickly…especially Doug and Shelly!

God is really moving! It is exciting to see that there really is not much going on in Savannah ( no really! ) and God has called us to go down there! I keep hearing two things “Savannah is a dark city” and “There is nothing going on in Savannah”. This sounds some what discouraging, but we just really feel honored that God would call us to be apart of a new work down there!

Mikey brought two guys, who live in Savannah, up this weekend. They went with us to Oakleaf Sunday and came to the Core group meeting Saturday night! It was great to hear their perspective on the city and see their excitement about what we are planning to do! They were a huge encouragement!

I am really excited! I am 100% sure Canvas is were God has called us to be! God has been molding and shaping our hearts to prepare for the ministry of small groups! I don’t want to cut this season of preparation short, but I am so excited about what is ahead of us!


One Comment on “Excited about Canvas!”

  1. shellygarvin says:

    I am ready to get down here and stay. For the first time, I feel at home 🙂 Doug will have some neat stories to share. Say a prayer…he has 3 or 4 meetings today.

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