Joy in the Everyday Stuff…

My sister is blogging now. I have told her she should do this for a while now! Her “theme” is simple. It is “finding beauty in everyday “. I think this is so great and such a challenge!

If there is anything God has given me over the last couple of weeks it is joy! I felt for so long that I had lost my joy. It is easy to feel joy or happiness on vacation or on a mission trip or retreat or something. Is hard to find it sometimes in our everyday routine. I think you have to search for it or be still enough to notice it. My sister is a budding photographer. She is always seeing things I don’t see and capturing them. I wish I had that “eye”. I think finding joy is similar… you have to look for it and capture what you find!

My Bible concordance defines joy as happiness or gladness. I guess that is true to an extent but I think you can have joy even when things are not necessarily “happy”. I think joy is something only God gives and in a way it is finding God… I mean finding God in the little things even.

So I do this a lot but here is my “list” of where I have found joy!

– my house! I love my house even in the midst of trying to sell it!

– my new flowers outside… getting them for .99 a piece is joyful too!

– our nephew Tanner’s smiles!

– the frequent karate kicks I feel inside me all during the day!

– our countdown to the baby getting closer and closer!

– having all our needs meet!

– grocery shopping with Mark … one of our favorite ‘dates” and yes we are that lame : )

– my new books

– meeting new people through Canvas

– our Core group with Canvas!

– the nursery…so much fun to work on!

– over coming my battle with the sewing machine!

– Mark’s helpfullness (I don’t know if that is a word : )

– nightly walks around the neighborhood

– my declining fear of labor : )

I make list like this often and it really helps me put things into perspective! There is joy to be found! Look for it!


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