Called to Ministry 2

Whenever I check my blog stats, there is always a google search for the three words above. I think this is so interesting. I have found almost everyday I have someone going to the previous post I wrote on being called to ministry. Two things: First, I find it crazy people want to read what I have to say about ministry. Second, seriously… EVERY DAY people are googling this topic! That is crazy?! God must be working on some hearts out there!

Any way, I digress, God has been teaching me something else about ministry. The ministry He calls you to is specific to you. He calls us as individuals with different passions, personalities and abilities for a reason. I have come to realize there is a specific ministry God has called me to that no one else can do because I was created for this purpose.

Let me explain…

I used to feel guilty about this but I am learning not to. I love the church! Mark and I really do. I love people who don’t know God and really do want them to know the joy and peace found in Christ. But if you want me to get really pumped up about something, give me a small group of girls to disciple or kids to teach! Mark and I love working with other couples! We love small groups! What we are most passionate about is equiping the Church be the Church! What upsets us most (especially Mark) are unhealthy churches…. inward churches who care only about themselves. I think it is just an indicator of where our passion lies. Mark is a prophet and I am a teacher. We just plain love the church.

I think when you get into church leadership you feel like you should have a “passion” for everything from feeding the homeless to setting up chairs on Sunday to leading the youth group. Maybe some do but I believe God gives each one of us a specific passion, desire, and call that only we are equipped to do.

We had a Core Group meeting for Canvas on Sat. My dear friend Erin was talking about her heart for the homeless people down in Savannah. She was so passionate in her speech, it lead her to tears. Obviously this girl has a heart for the action! Now me, (this may be way to much of an open honest look inside my heart) I thought, “Hmm those people really need to just get a job. Wait… I mean, did I just think that… No… we need to help them get jobs…yea…okay that’s a better thought” : ) God has helped me to boil down my ministry with Canvas to these three things: #1 My family… creating the best home environment for Mark and Trey. #2 Building Relationships! I cannot wait to meet other moms at the park, meeting neighbors, developing small groups etc. #3 Partnering with Mark in ministry…protecting him, helping him and kicking his butt when he needs it : ) For one way or another, God is glorified when I serve him in these areas. They are what He has called me to do and these three things fire me up! For so long I thought these things were unimportant or pretty weird areas to be called “ministry” but they are my ministry and I love it!

In closing, (I know this has been long and appreciate you reading it to the end) remember as Christians we have all been called ministers. We all have a ministry from glorifying God in your workplace to just being a mom to leading a church! So if you typed in “called to ministry” in a google search bar, know the answer is “yes” if you are Child of God! So ask God what your ministry is, get going and serve passionately!


One Comment on “Called to Ministry 2”

  1. laurenst says:

    Way to go Trisha! Your focus is right on. It may be easy to get distracted at times & feel that you, as a staff wife, must be someone you are not, doing ministry that you are not called to do. But I do encourage you to keep sight of the vision that God has given you. Thanks so much for this post!

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