Waiting Room

In a couple of weeks or days (if we are lucky), Mark and I’s friends and family will be crowded in a small waiting room awaiting the arrival of our baby! In the meantime, I feel like Mark and I are trapped in the eternal waiting room of you know where….sorry just have to be honest. I feel like we are waiting for everything right now (the baby, selling our house and Savannah) . I am feeling restless and anxious and very pregnant! Yes, I know God has a purpose for it and I know all things work in his timing but my goodness! I am restless!

Anyway… no more complaining! This baby will eventually come out right?! : ) The good news is we are ready! We even have the car seat buckled in the backseat just in case! We have had some awesome showers! Our friends and family have given us more than we need! He has more clothes and shoes than we do but I hear they go through those fast!

Hopefully we will have more exciting news to report soon!


6 Comments on “Waiting Room”

  1. scrabblenut says:

    I wish I could give you some magical method for getting that baby out sooner, but I can’t. I went 10 days over with the first two, 12 days over with the 3rd and I tried all the old-wives tales to no avail. When I was feeling like you are now, someone said to me, “no woman has ever been pregnant forever.” 🙂

  2. kermooch says:

    Kendra – that’s exactly what I was going to comment. It certainly feels like forever sometimes. And it sounds like you might have the knack for having babies at times of big change in your life. We have that knack and all I can say is I’ll pray for you! 🙂 Actually, to me, a baby gives you a focus and a constant that you’ll be glad to have while everything is changing around you. He will always need to be fed, he will always need to be changed…you get the idea.

  3. monica says:

    I know the feeling of waiting. The phone rang twice yesterday with numbers we didn’t recognize and my heart stopped both times, what are the chances of TWO wrong numbers within 5 minutes while we are waiting on the call to change our lives? Ugh!!!!

    God’s timing is perfect (keep reminding me)! I can’t wait to meet little bit. Rest!! Love you guys-

  4. Thanks for the encouragement! I need it! I asked Mark if he thought my post sounded negative and whiny. He said “no” and I said, “Well I must be a good writer…because I fell negative and whiny : ) “

  5. heiditheophilus says:

    oops…just bought Trey some clothes today since I was out of town during the baby shower…should have opted for educational toys or books instead. oh well! i did have enough foresight to buy something in 6 mth, 9mth, & 12 mth instead of NB! 😉

    i bet in about a year you’ll be wishing for some bedrest & forced waiting when Trey is running all over wearing you out 🙂 teeheeheeheeheeheee…

  6. Michelle says:

    Shannon was 2 weeks late & I too tried all the little tricks……didn’t work…not one…..I was induced. Charlie on the other hand….not toxemia but 3cm dialated at about 35 (or was it 32….not sure) weeks and he was induced 2 weeks early……needless to say, they didn’t want me working or anything really……so I ended up being home going pretty much in a word….kinda crazy:). I remember people telling me…”it’s worth the wait” and so on……you know, encouragement which is great but I tell you what…..There were days I so badly wanted to scream at everyone & tell the doctors just get him out NOW! So what am I getting at…….I think every pregnant woman goes through it wether they are restricted by their doctor or not(not to mention the other things you are anxious for)…….. Waiting for someone/something you want so badly is just SO HARD (just ask John how good I am about waiting) but you’ll get through it, you will…. with a huge reward in the end….. 🙂

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