Hospital to Home…

I promised more details : ) ….

God is so good too! Our birthing process was amazing! We went in Monday night to start induction. My water broke around 9:30 the next morning. I started labor… felt contractions for maybe an hour. They were not that bad but I am sooo glad I had the epidural by the time they got more intense!!!! I conquered one of my top fears… getting an epidural around 11 am. I had seriously been dreading that since I was a little girl! At 5p.m. I had still not dilated at all. My contractions were very intense and minutes apart so the doctor pretty much said we have little to no other options besides a C-section. They wheeled me in around 8p.m. I was terrified. I just now have gotten to where I don’t pass out from giving blood, so the idea of doctors cutting in to me and me being awake during the whole thing was scary! I made it and God’s presence was with us the whole way! Mark juggled the video camera, camera and comforting me beautifully! By 8:49p.m. we had a baby!

The most amazing sound in the world was hearing my baby for the first time!

Our hospital stay was AMAZING!! I would highly recommend Cobb hospital! The nurses were wonderful! I felt like I was in a training seminar. They taught us so much and were patient enough to help when needed. The food was great! I had room service for each meal and was able to order off of a great menu. Many times I felt we were in a hotel rather than a hospital! Even though we had been there five days, I was really sad and scared to go home! Our time there was amazing!

Trey ended up having Jondus. He was under Billy lights most of the week. We even had to take a travel kit home. This was the most heart wrenching part of our week this week. As soon as we got to see our baby, he was summoned to lay in a plastic bed under what looked like tanning bed lights. I just wanted to hold him and be with him. This process really stretched the whole “cut the umbilical cord” process! But the good news is that his levels went down over the weekend and we were able to come off the lights Sunday!

We are home now and trying to develop a schedule and some sort of normalcy again! We LOVE being parents! Even amidst my increasing sleep deprivation I keep pinching myself because this all fells to good to be true!

I praise God for the incredible blessing he has given us!!!


One Comment on “Hospital to Home…”

  1. scrabblenut says:

    He’s awesome! Can’t wait to see him in person 🙂

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