I love him so…

I am completely and ridiculously head over heels in love with my baby! People probably tried to warn me but I don’t think it is possible to describe the love a mother has for her child : )

Please don’t laugh but last Sunday night Mark and I were talking. I told him I was worried that this all might be a big “let down”. That it would be good and all but ultimately not that great…. I know I know… I am weird but crazy thoughts were running through my head the night before we were headed to the hospital. Mark said he didn’t think so and was pretty sure it would be amazing.

Well he was right. My heart is just overflowing with love for Trey. Sometimes I sit and hold him after I feed him and I just cry. Its like I don’t know what else to do with everything I feel inside. I stare at him for hours. A nurse commented in the hospital how she had never been in a room where the TV was not on all the time. Ours wasn’t because we were too wrapped up in being with him! His eyes captivate me! I love the way he smells and have noticed I am starting to smell like him. I get sad when night rolls around because I know our time together has ended for the day (for the most part). Yes, I am smitten over my baby!

As I was trying to fall asleep in the middle of feedings last week, God spoke to me. He said, “I love you the same way”. I had just spent some time just holding Trey close to my face before putting him to sleep and God spoke to my heart and said “I love holding you close too”. I know in the Bible it says that God is the “giver of all good things”.  I think if he is the “giver” of the love of a parent then how much more so does He love us. I can not even fathom!

It is so good to catch small glimpse, of what I am sure will be many, of God’s love through our baby boy!


6 Comments on “I love him so…”

  1. monica says:

    *sigh* I can’t wait to experience it myself. Meanwhile, I just pour out my love on the three nieces & nephews! 🙂 He is perfect in every way and I love him bushels.

  2. kermooch says:

    Now you know why we have six 🙂 We are so thrilled for you guys!

  3. wow…my heart is so overflowing for you!

    and btw, is it me, or does he look like molly in this pic?

  4. That is funny… I think he resembles Molly in a lot of ways…especially if you could see her baby pictures… or maybe her looks are rubbing off on him because she sees him everyday… she is loving her nephew!

  5. Jo Lynn says:

    I want to meet this bundle of love so badly… 😦

    I am so happy for you Trisha. You have no idea!!

  6. mollyab says:

    I do love my nephew! I am just as or more obsessed than the parents. My favorite thing right now is after I go home I still smell like him and I don’t want to take a shower because it will be gone. That baby has me wrapped around his long tiny fingers.

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