Postpartum thoughts…

I had no idea a little thing that only weighs almost 8 pounds would keep me so busy! I have had no time to myself yet I  am not even sure what I have been doing?! : )

Here are the random thought in my whirling through my head…

– I love my baby so much!

– Trey sure does like to eat! If he is awake he wants to eat!

– Will my stomach ever look the same?… (no! unfortunately I know the answer to that one!)

– I have a whole new appreciation for my mom… and would not have made it through the last couple of weeks without her!

– A C-section really is not as bad as the doctors made it out to be! (Although, I greatly miss my pain medication… it ran out last week!)

– my life is now run by Trey’s feeding clock!

– everyone said “You have no idea how much your life is about to change” … even though Mark and I got tired of hearing it…. they were right!

– I think our baby might be a red head… and we have already realized he has the temper to match it! : )

– Postpartum blues are a real thing… I thought pregnacy was bad… (sigh) … I would like to feel normal again!

– Sleep is a rare and short thing… all the days run together…

– Mark and I went on a small short date Friday night… we got in the car… it was just the two of us… it felt really normal… when will the three of us start feeling normal? : )

– Dare I say I miss being pregnant!?! I never thought I would say that!

– I miss the hospital! Can we go back? : )

– Our baby is vastly loved! I am overwhelmed at the love shown by our family and friends!

There is my brain in a nutshell right now! One thing is for sure… I love this baby! He is amazing! He is our gift from God and worth whatever life change we need to go through!


9 Comments on “Postpartum thoughts…”

  1. monica says:

    Love the new header pics, it looks fantastic like that!

    I need to come see him this week if you have a minute to let someone else love on him!


  2. aimee says:

    Questions that I ponder:

    When will Mark step up to the plate and change more diapers?

    When will Trey get the picture that UGA is clearly better at sports than Tech (denial is not good)?

    Who needs sleep any more? You didn’t think you would continue your sleeping ways, now did you?

    Will Trey play the mindless game of golf?

    Will Mark be rewarded with a PS3?

    If Mark changes every diaper for the next month, can he get a PS3?

    Why is my wife snoring so loudly at the moment? I wonder if Mark is doing the same thing…

  3. Kim Arrowood says:

    Hey Trisha,
    I remember those days! I miss those days. And I miss being pregnant too. I’m so glad things are going well for you three. We need to get together before you leave town. So please tell that to Mark and have him call my people (aka Jason the socialite) We would love to do dinner or something. Just don’t blink your eyes because Trey will be walking around saying dada and cleaning all the tupperware out of the cabinet while you try to throw some sort of dinner on the table. Have a wonderful day!

  4. Jo Lynn says:

    I love the new header! It is suuuuuper cute!

  5. monica says:

    Oh I am cracking up…………

  6. kadamson says:

    You just described the thoughts of every mom…not just new ones!!! I don’t think they will ever go away until the kids are grown and out of the house:) You are amazing…Trey is so blessed to have you and Mark for parents!! Hang in there:)

  7. aimee says:

    I just wanted to make sure you knew that Jason posted the above comment not me. I have felt all of those things before. And it is so true about your parents. After having a child you really see them so differently and you start understanding more of why they did certain things. The only time I really miss being pregnant though is when I feel fat I miss having the “excuse” of being pregnant.

  8. Lauren says:

    Actually, you will blink your eyes & it is time to think about college choices! I once had a dear older woman to tell me to love them with all my heart with each stage & to remember that they will grow up before I knew it. During the trials of baby/ toddlerhood I kept this in mind.

    You know how big my babies are now! I guess I can just look forward to grandbabies, of coure not in the very near future!

  9. Jason says:

    Reeeealllllyyyy—if Mark knows that he must change the diapers every day for two months–he can get a ps3? Does he know this? Has he started yet?

    Has Trey started barking yet? UGA football starts soon!

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