Getting back into the swing of things…

As I mentioned before, I really missed and still do miss the hospital. Many reasons… the drugs were nice… I’m not going to lie, we never changed a diaper (the nurses were awesome!), the food was great, people were constantly there to help us, if Trey got fussy in the middle of the night, he could spend the night in the nursery and there was kind of a “honeymoon” euphoria after having our baby. Mostly, however, I liked being able to put my worries and plans on hold. For a whole week we decided to not think about finances or moving or anything important besides Trey. (kind of like vacation…)

Well, we are home from the hospital and it is time to get back to reality. It kind of feels good. You can only live in that “honeymoon” stage for so long. Today I did laundry and cleaned Trey’s bathroom… it actually felt good to do somethings around the house again!

The thing I put of thinking about the most this summer was Canvas Church. I know this has been hard for Mark because it has been on the forefront of his heart. My maternal insecurity set in and once I realized we would not be selling our house before Trey got here, the more I got comfortable with the idea of just being here. Honestly, it scares me to death to move away from everything I know and love with a brand new baby and be apart of starting a church from scratch…again….but even more so!

I can’t escape it though. It is like God gave me a relief this summer while preparing for Trey. Now that he is here, my heart has gained capacity to remember what God has called us to. Savannah has continually been on my heart. I look at pictures, read others in our group’s stories, and I am reminded that this is where we are supposed to be. Even more so, I am reminded that God has a plan for Trey in Savannah too. There is no mistaking the time of his birth… God had it all in control.

I am actually getting excited again. It can not be denied… God has great plans in store for the city of Savannah! Even though I tried… you can’t miss God’s hand in all that is going on with our church and the city! So although I am scared and nervous, I am excited about the adventure ahead. Now…if someone could just please buy our house!


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