Wild at Heart

I am no expert on boys! Growing up it was just me and my sister. I have one boy cousin but unfortunately he lives several states away. I was extremely girly growing you and never really hung out with boys. They were gross and messy! So needless to say when the sonogram tech told us “It’s a boy”, I was shocked and thrown for a loop. I have said many times since then, “What am I supposed to do with a boy.” 24 weeks after knowing my baby is a boy I am getting used to the idea but have a lot to learn : )

So, I have been reading up on books about raising boys. I am reading “Wild at Heart” by John Eldredge. This book is not really a parenting book at all but has given me so much insight into the way God designed the heart of a man. The whole premise is that God made men and women in His image but we bear His image in different ways (there is a girl version of this book called “Captivating”, I read a couple of years ago that is great too). In the book, he compares and contrast “nice guys” and “warriors”. The warrior he talks about is not a pumped up “moncho man”. He is one who does not always take the safe route, adventurous and willing to  fight.

While reading, I have realized Trey has a great role model to look up to! His daddy bears God’s image well. One of the things that attracted me to Mark was not only his love for God but His willingness to do whatever God called Him to do. Around this time last year we did not know about Canvas but we could feel God tugging on our heart. We were trying to figure out what was the next step in our journey. I remember talking about random things we might should do. What sticks out to me about that process was Mark’s willingness and heart to follow God wherever he might lead us.

As I have watched Mark through this whole “getting to Savannah” process, I grow more and more proud of him. He is leaving a great job with great benefits, salary and future. He is trading that for an unknown salary, working two jobs and starting his family over in a new city. At first glance this would seem irresponsible for him to consider but factoring in God’s call it is not. People have often asked me if I am scared or nervous being a new mom, leaving my family and going into ministry. Yes! Of coarse I am but if given the choice I would much rather have a man who leads me into uncharted waters with a little promise of adventure…. than a “nice guy” and a life where everything is planned and scheduled.

The name “Mark” actually means “warrior of God”. He upholds his name well!

While I was pregnant, I told Mark I thought Trey would look like me and act like him. So far I was right.He does look like me. However, I can only hope Trey will have his Daddy’s heart to follow God no matter what the cost!


2 Comments on “Wild at Heart”

  1. monica says:

    What sweet thoughts, what sweet spirits and you made me cry! 🙂 Amen sister!!!!

  2. Ruthie says:

    I am so glad you see in my sweet special brother, what I have always known to be true. How blessed he is to have you for a wife. I love that photo of him and Trey!

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