Another random post…

So many things flowing through my brain… I love blogging and journaling for this… you can somewhat come around your thoughts and get them down on “paper”.

– Trey is a month old! I cannot believe it! My budding photographer sister had an hour photo shoot with him (pictures will soon follow). He was fussy at first. We took him in the bathroom and I let him do one of his favorite things… lay naked or in a diaper. I usually steam the bathroom by turning on a hot shower. He LOVES this! She got some great shots! I can’t wait to see them!

– Yesterday was my birthday! I don’t know what it was but it was by far the best! I went shopping with my mom, grandmother and sister… and Trey (poor guy he has to hang out with girls all the time) Mark made me dinner and then we went to Target… my favorite place!

– If you have ever flirted with the idea of staying home with your kids it can be terrifying! Living on one income is a scary thing in this economy! Yesterday I was overwhelmed by the reality of how God takes care of us! We have always planned on me staying home with our kids but never really realized what we were getting into until this summer. All I know is this is what we are called to do and it is amazing to see God come through and provide!

-The lack of sleep is getting to me! I ran on adrenaline for a long time and now that “normal life” has returned… I am really tired! I feel like I could sleep for a week straight… well if the ‘pain of breastfeeding’ didn’t wake me up!

– Mark and I signed with a new relater last week. They are one of Dave Ramsey’s ELP’s and so far we have been really pleased! We are excited to work with them. They are aggressive and we are hoping for the best!

– Mark and I have missed everyone from Canvas so badly. We feel so disconnected right now. It is no one’s fault its just the way things are right now. We want to badly to get to Savannah! We went to West Ridge Sunday and Brian spoke about the church and the importance of meeting together. I have realized, although I don’t like where we are right now, it has been a good process to go through. It has made us realize even more how much we love the church and given us even more a desire to get people connected to the body of Christ. God did not intend for us to go on this journey by ourselves! We need each other!

– Mark and I have also realized we are not getting to Savannah without a miracle from God! I will spare you the details but we are stuck… Really stuck with out Him doing something! This has been depressing but I am trying to look on the up side and realize our situation is a great opportunity for God to come through in a big way! So we are waiting for Him to get us to where He has called us to be!

Through all this God is good! I am enjoying the journey with Him!


2 Comments on “Another random post…”

  1. heiditheophilus says:

    is it me or is that a face his daddy would make? i anticipate you’ll see many of those faces in years to come after he gets caught making mischief! 😉

  2. Money says:

    I’m still chuckling at the (hahahha) lack (hahahahh) of sleep (hahahhaha). Are you serious? A month? How about 2.5 years of no sleep….(sleep for a week—hahahhaha). Aimee says I’m being mean—yeah well, whatcha gonna do about it?

    Get ready for fantasy football and you will do it–or my team will punish your team. You need to set your team up–you and luke are the last two out.


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