Why grandparents are great:

I would not have made over the last couple of months had it not been for our parents (particularly my mom). Trey has two sets of wonderful grandparents who love him so! Mark and I joke because we say they have lost their minds over this kid…and they have. There’s really no joke about it! Mark and I do not exist anymore… we are just Trey’s parents : ) We like it this way though.

Trey’s grandparents are great because:

-they love him so much!

-they are available to babysit anytime just for an excuse to spend time with him.

– they not only buy him what he needs but fun things he never knew he wanted.

-they are always available to answer his parents pesky questions.

-they are so proud of him and love showing him off!

I could list more but the #1 reason Trey’s grandparents are so great is that they remind me to enjoy him! When they spend time with him they are not uptight and scheduled or preoccupied. They simply enjoy him! One day, a couple of weeks ago, my parents came over to watch Trey during the day so I could get a nap in. While I was asleep, they took Trey for a walk in his stroller. They told me he loved it. I remember thinking that it had not even occurred to me to do something fun and enjoyable with him. I was so stressed about his feeding schedule, Jaundice, fussiness and reflux. I am so rigid and worried about every little thing that I honestly forget to enjoy him! He has already grown so much in 5.5 weeks! I don’t want to miss him!

I am so thankful for our parents and how they remind me to enjoy this gift God has given us!


2 Comments on “Why grandparents are great:”

  1. Kendal says:

    It’s a shame, I didn’t realize just how wonderful they are until we moved five hours away from them!!

  2. monica says:

    That is so sweet and I can only imagine the Gparents loosing their minds over the baby. 🙂 I also see how it’s hard to take time to ENJOY him when you’re busy, worried, doing everything right, etc…. Remind me of this later, OK?! 🙂

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