“When are you moving?”

Sunday we went to the church Mark and I grew up in and the question above was asked repeatedly! We got a little sick of saying “I don’t know” and realizing every time we said it that we still “don’t know” when we will be moving to Savannah! It was good to see old friends though. Everyone was really encouraging and so many told us they were praying for us which means more to us than they could know!

So we don’t know when we are moving. Our house has not even shown since May. We are willing to do whatever God calls us to do but right now He is silent on the matter and we are waiting. It is very easy to get discouraged but God is helping us keep things in perspective. I see everyday more evidence that his timing is everything and we will get to Savannah not a minute too soon or too late.

Right now we are really enjoying time together and time with our little man. We call him little man for a reason, he refuses to act like a baby : ) He has already rolled over backwards and forwards (at 3 weeks), he likes to stand up, tries to hold his bottle and is balding only on the top of his head. He is not much of a cuddler and already shows too many signs of independence! We are both pretty independent and stubborn… he comes upon it honestly : ) But we are loving being with him and watching him grow! He is an amazing gift from God!

Mark posted a blog about our family prayer needs here. Take a look.


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