When are you moving…Part 2

To finally answer that question it look like we will be moving in TWO WEEKS!!!!

Awesome story…. This weekend we headed down to Savannah. We wanted to be apart of the informational meeting held Saturday night, see everyone and just go because we had not been down there in 5 months. This was the closest thing we were getting to a vacation so we really were going to try to enjoy it. We both said on our way down there that is felt different this time. We couldn’t put our finger on it… it was just different. As the trip went on we just got sad though. We were wanting so badly to get down there and as far as we could see we were going to be stuck in Atlanta forever. At that point our house had not shown or been called on in almost four months. Sunday morning we really didn’t know what to do… Should we look for houses or apartment or a job? It all seemed pointless and we were just really discouraged. After driving around for a little bit we decided it was pointless and went back to the hotel (we also ended up going to the beach with everyone that night…. that was an um….”experience” with a new baby!). Monday morning we were still really down but did get a call back on one of the rental houses we called about and were going to go look at it. As we were sitting in the landlord’s kitchen explaining how we did not know when we would be moving or what job Mark would have, Mark got an email on his phone. He turned it to me and said “read this”! The email was from our realator saying that we had an offer on our house!

I did not believe it! I thought our realator emailed the wrong people! Someone else must have had an offer. As far as we knew, our house had not been shown since May 10th. We went over to Justin and Kendall’s to use their computer and print out the offer. The offer had our names and our adress on it. Hopefully no one was confused! Turns out someone had showed the house on Sunday and we didn’t know it. And let me tell you this…. our house was straight but by no means clean on the standards I would want for someone coming to  see the house! Wouldn’t you know that’s when it would sell?! The blinds we closed, it was not vaccumed, I had a pile of clothes laying on the floor in my bedroom and there was even a dirty diaper I had forgotten I had left on Trey’s changing table! It would figure?! It also shows although we put forth our best efforts, God can work through anything!

When it was all said and done we ended up accepting the original offer that was presented. Mark and I did not want to mess around. Our house did not show for four months, in the two years we have had our house off and on the market no one has made and offer…. we prayed and decided God opened this door and  we are walking through it!

We will be taking a loss on the house. We knew at our current price this would happen and were ready for it. The market is just plain bad. And most of all we are doing what God called us to do and know He will provided for it! Our hearts set on being apart of His work…. we know He will work out the details. – I have a whole blog brewing on this subject that I will write  later : )

We are SO EXCITED!!! God’s timing is perfect!!!! (more on that later too!!) We can’t wait to get down to Savannah and be apart of what God has called us to do!!! Please pray this will see itself to the closing table! Wee  can’t take this falling through!

On a side note,  although it makes me sad, we are looking for a home for our cat, Cleve. We decided she can’t make the move to Savannah since we are renting.


7 Comments on “When are you moving…Part 2”

  1. shellygarvin says:

    Yay!!!!! We are so excited for you guys 🙂 God is AWESOME!

  2. betsy says:

    THAT IS AMAZING!!!!!! We will all have to get together before then though 🙂

  3. monica says:

    Wow! Truly a God thing, amazing that it was all a surprise and you didn’t even know it had been shown to someone. How cool is that?! I am so sad that you three are moving away from us, but know God has big things planned for your family. For that we are excited. Hey, it gives me a fantastic reason to travel with Andy on his many trips down south! Be sure to keep a blanket for the couch ready for Aunt Monica!!!!!!

  4. Jo Lynn says:

    That is awesome!!! 🙂 CONGRATS!

  5. kadamson says:

    YAY!!! We are so excited!!!!

  6. scrabblenut says:

    Congratulations! We’ll miss you so much, but I know God knows what He is doing. You have to get that little guy to the Ridge so I can see him before you leave 🙂

  7. Michelle says:

    That is just so awesome…left the same comment on Mark’s blog….but it really is just awesome:)!!

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