I love our church…

This weekend we got to spend some time with everyone from Canvas or Canvasions as Mikey calls them : ) I just love these people! They are getting to be our closest friends and they are all amazing.

I have to think the craziest out of everyone is Justin and Kendall! They uprooted their family of 5 (almost 6) and moved to Savannah because they heard the call and believed the vision! I think they are amazing! Their hearts are always open and willing to do whatever. They are hosting small group meetings of 20+ people in their living room. They have both left their jobs here in Atlanta and found new ones in Savannah and have moved their kids to midtown Savannah. Some might call them crazy but I think God loves this type of faith! I know He loves there heart and has great blessings in store for them and their obedience!

Jared and April are a brave pair as well! They are not only venturing out into church planting but have just gotten married. They pretty much drove home from their honeymoon to Savannah! I know I would have been terrified starting a new life with my husband in a new town away from my family! Neither one of them has lived away from family or out of the Atlanta area. They are embracing the adventure! I love it! This is the kind of marriage God blesses- a marriage centered around his call!

And Mikey… I don’t think Canvas would have a chance with out him : ) We were looking around the room the other night at the info. meeting realizing almost everyone was there because of Mikey. Every church needs someone like Mikey! He has a rare gift. He loves people! We joke that everybody knows Mikey… and its just about true! I remember one time we were at a restaurant and Mikey asked the waitress her name and how her day was going  (no he wasn’t trying to hit on her : ). I just remember thinking he sees people as people and cares about them. So often I see people for what they can do for me or how they relate to me not just people who God loves. Mikey is good at that… I learn a lot from him : )

Then our leaders Doug and Shelly. They are craziest of them all : ) They simply obeyed God’s call. There really is nothing in this for them. They are simply living in obdience… which is the best place to be. I was talking to someone the other day. They were asking about our church and if Doug and Shelly had moved down there yet. I said yes. They asked if they had sold their house. “No”, I said, ” they just moved. They felt God was telling them it was time to go. So they moved with their house still on the market.” “Ohh…hmm,” the other person said in that kind of disapproving sigh like “well that was dumb”. You know what I think what they did was brave! When Jesus called his disciples did they say, ” Yes Jesus, but after I sell my house and get my business in order.” No. He called them and they went! Although circumstances are bleak, I believe God will come through! He honors faith that says “yes” without all the answers! They are walking by faith and not by sight and those are just the kind of people I want to serve under in ministry!

Like I said I love our church! These people have real faith and genuine love for God! It is an honor to serve the Lord with them!


3 Comments on “I love our church…”

  1. shellygarvin says:

    And….we love you guys! We think ya’ll are pretty crazy as well. We all can’t wait for the Tanner family to move down. I sure hope Savannah is ready for us 🙂

  2. Jared says:

    Awesome. Love the post. Very encouraging. I’ll brag on you guys now: Just a few more weeks before you’re down here. It’s crazy to think you’re moving too with a newborn, especially from all the grandparents. Anyway, April and I love you both…three of ya’ll. I can’t until ya’ll finally get down here.

  3. mikey says:

    I love you too! I can’t wait for you guys to move… God has some amazing things in store for Savannah. I think we are just on the edge of a major movement of the church in this city.

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