I am a total freak when it comes to moving…. I LOVE it! It like this weird little high for me! I love packing and unpacking, reorganizing, the excitment of moving day…. even the stress of it all. I love moving.

But for some reason I can not get it together to start packing. We close in10 days. Our POD will be here in a week and I haven’t packed the first box. I keep putting it off for some reason.

I think its this house and uncertainty of the move. I love this house! I have lived in I think 10 houses and this one is by far my favorite! This is our house, our first house…. it is hard to leave! I have wanted to keep our house looking “normal” as long as possible. (I keep telling Mark I could pack this house in 24 hours if we needed to… looks like I might be there if I don’t get it together!)It also hard packing up to move when don’t even know where you are going to live. (We are camping out with my parents for a while until we find a job and a place to live).

This is defiantly my hardest move. Moving away from friends and family is hard. We have so many memories here in Atlanta. I have been so nostalgic! I have been trying to savor every bit “normalcy” here. There is a verse I think in Matthew that talks about Mary after Jesus was born. It says, “but Mary pondered all these things in her heart.” That is what I have been doing…. maybe a little too much. I really need to be packing.

So instead of packing, I got this idea today. I started a family blog. I want to keep our family and friends as in the know as possible. I want you guys to get the front row seat to all God is doing in our family. We just wanted a place to put all the nitty gritty details of our day… you know stuff only family and your closest friends would care to read.

So here it is. Take a look.

Ok now really tomorrow I will start packing!


2 Comments on “Procrastination….”

  1. monica says:

    I was so excited when we moved into our new house, because I always thought of our first one as “Andy’s House” since he chose it and closed weeks before we met. When it was time to pack up and move though, I cried daily and felt like we were leaving a piece of us behind. It’s where we’d come home to from our honeymoon, where the real life of “us” began. It was hard to go, even knowing of the great things to come. Funny because just months after settling into our new home, we felt like we’d been here all along. We would (and do) randomly drive by the old house and it seems like another life, we could never imagine going back.

    I can’t imagine moving away from my friends and family, I admire your strength to take up and follow God. I do know that when you get there, it’s going to feel like home as soon as you get settled though. I look forward to all the great big things to come!! (though I am sad about you moving “away”, I do wonder how soon will be too soon to say “Aunt Monica” coming to sleep on the couch, when Andy is down there?!)

  2. M & L says:

    I hate that you’re leaving, but I’m so excited too! Just say it….. you’re most sad about leaving Mark and I. 🙂 We still need to find “our spot” between C and S! I love you so much!

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