God Stories…

I read an article on Wendell and Emily’s blog recently talking about sleep and night time routines with kids. You can read it here. The guy writing the articles talks about how he always dreaded night time because it was so stressful. His kids did not want to go down. He also said he always wished he could spend more time with his kids so he came up with something to solve the two. He lays down with his kids for 15 minutes every night and talks to them. He says once the fifteen minutes is up he kisses them good night and there are few sleep problems anymore.

As you may have read, I don’t have a great sleeper. I thought this article was nice but did not see how I could implement it with a 2 month old.

Over the last couple of days, God has given me some inspiration. I figure conversation at this stage is pretty one sided so I might as well go with that. At nap time and most bedtimes now I am telling Trey “God Stories”. I tell him stories of how and when God has done great things in our family and in our lives. It is funny because my voice makes him fall asleep (I guess he heard it constantly in the whomb… so it is sothing sound). When Trey is in a half awake/half asleep stage he smiles a lot. It is so precious. When I tell my stories he looks at me with his droopy eyes and smiles every now and then.

This time really is more of  blessing for me than anything. Right now, I need to remember our “God stories”. We are facing some situations with this house and the move where I need to remember what God has done to increase my faith in what he can do! I hope we can tell Trey a God story from this week!!! We need one!


3 Comments on “God Stories…”

  1. monica says:

    Love it! You know, Andy gets that same droopy eye look when I talk to him and night, funny enough, my voice puts him to sleep as well. 🙂

  2. Yea my voice puts Mark to sleep too… weird?! : )

  3. M & L says:

    You’ve been blessed with lots of God stories these past few months…. don’t forget them. Remember, the faith building thing we’re working on. 🙂 I’m praying your house will close, and I really believe it will. The cool thing is that, either way, it’s a God story!! I love you my friend…. so much.

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