For Sale!

Mark and I went through Financial Peace University last summer. We have since then learned to hate debt.

So have come to a situation with the house and all were we need come cash. We have decided instead landing ourselves in a lot more debt, we are going to sell what we’ve got! It will be nice to start all over again in Savannah anyway : )

So as my husband has posted here. We are basically selling everything that has some sort of value. No seriously… we are… our cars are up for grabs, guitars, China and some furniture. Anyway… we are doing what we can.

Here’s the thing… God has called us to Savannah. Right now, this calling and the path to get there comes with a price tag. I asked Mark before we signed the contract for our house, if someone told him, God has called you to Savannah but it will cost you ‘X’ amount. Would you go? He said yes. So, I said okay let’s do this.

So help us out if you can… if you or any friends are looking for some of the stuff listed, please let us know!

Yes we are crazy : ) …If we are out of our mind,it is for the sake of God;“… 2 Corinthians 5:13


2 Comments on “For Sale!”

  1. M & L says:

    You crazy kids…. I’m so proud of you for not being willing to go into debt. I love seeing people who “Stuff” really doesn’t matter to. It’s going to be exciting to see how God works it all out… watch that faith grow girl! 🙂

  2. that should make packing a heck of a lot easier 😉

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