Promise Fulfilled

Written Wednesday night… I don’t know why I didn’t post it: Today we saw a large piece our “house puzzle” filled. God came through. He provided. I wish I could share every little detail because God is so good! He shut every door and I mean EVERY door except the one he wanted us to walk through! I love that because I haven’t felt in my right mind to make a decision. It is good to know that God will close all the wrong options and only leave open the right one. We still have to make it to Friday but so far everything looks good!

But let me tell you a couple things I have learned through this whole process…

#1 Regardless of circumstances God is always after the heart!!! He wants to change us, purify us and draw us closer to Him through trials not just answer our prayer! This part hurts and doesn’t always provide the quickest easiest route. Its worth it though. I was reading back through an old journal from only 6 months ago and was amazed at all God had done to change us in such a short time!

#2 God’s plans are not limited to me and my plans… they encompass many more. The greatest blessing through this whole process is that God has used us to build faith and encourage others. I believe God has orchestrated each part of our story with our house to bless and build faith in the ones closest to us. They are just as much apart of this as we are!

#3 I have never been more proud of my husband! You know that whole analogy where someone has a mustard bottle and they say “What will happen when I squeeze this bottle?” You say mustard will come out and they say “No what comes out is what’s inside… and then surprisingly enough they squeeze it and ketchup comes out instead …. well let me tell you… We have been “squeezed” these last couple of weeks. What came out of me was not so pretty. I doubted God and got mad at him at times. But Mark never lost faith… Seriously not once. He completely trusted God. He has given up everything, worked hard and put all his faith in God. He has lead by faith and not by sight. I have never seen him so confident and strong in the Lord. I seriously am amazed.

Because of him, my faith has been strengthened. Because of him, we got to experience God in a real way. Because of him, I now have another “God Story” for Trey.

I love him so much! God is good! It is exciting to follow Him!


One Comment on “Promise Fulfilled”

  1. Aimee says:

    I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am that everything has worked out. I have worried and worried for ya’ll. And I have prayed and prayed for ya’ll. I am overjoyed that you guys have sold your house and that it all worked out so very nicely. Now I guess I am just sad that ya’ll will be leaving soon because I am going to miss you terribly!

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